Taggart’s weight loss journey

When I was 17 years old I weighed 19 stone, and getting on the bathroom scales to see that the scales were just about to ‘go round the clock’ (after 19 it went to 0, 1, 2 etc) was the last straw.

I had been overweight for nearly a decade and over the years had felt acutely embarrassed about my size, upset and depressed about my weight, angry, despairing, but no matter what strong emotions I had felt, they were never strong enough to stop me from over-eating.

I felt so bad about being fat, and eating made me feel better, which made me heavier, which made me feel bad, and eating made me feel better: an endless cycle.

But seeing those scales gave me such a powerful moment of decision: I took massive action to lose weight, and I did lose quite a lot of weight in a short space of time by eating very little (2 1/2 stone in 12 weeks). I lost 10″ in circumference in the end: chest, abdomen and back side.

But even after that experience I found that I was still not in control of my weight. I would lose weight through grim determination, and then it would keep on creeping up again, and then I would have to diet to try and get my weight down again, never very successfully.

I was always overeating and putting on weight, or trying to lose it again.

I never had my relationship to food sorted out… until I trained to be a Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapist. On the course you practise on friends and family, and you practise on other trainee QCH Practitioners, and I had people practise stuff on my ‘food issue’.

And it worked.

I lost a stone in weight during the course, without dieting, because I changed my relationship to food. Instead of food being something that I used to eat to comfort myself, or alleviate boredom, or that I would eat when I was frustrated, food just became ‘neutral’ to me.

So I ate less.

Instead of eating when I wasn’t actually hungry, where I used to feel ‘compelled’ to eat, now I generally leave food alone when I’m not hungry, and when I do eat, I notice when I am full, rather than keeping on eating until all the food is gone from my plate (or the table!), which is what I always used to do.

So I am a bit of a success story when it comes to Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapy and weight loss. I know exactly what it feels like to struggle with your weight, and I know how it feels to leave this problem behind.

I really want to help you to gain control over your eating and your shape too.

You can get slim using the same approaches that I used.

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