Build Confidence

The transforming power of  carefully placed suggestions can help you to leave behind insecurities and feel so much better about yourself. Listen every day for a month, though not while driving or operating machinery, of course. and see where that takes you.

Price: £27.99



“I have to be honest & say that I was a little sceptical, however after listening to the confidence meditation for the last 28 days it has had a very beneficial effect on my levels of confidence, the way in which I am able to relate to other people, & my behaviour patterns.

“I am not the same person I was 28 days ago, I now know that I am good enough, something I found very hard to believe.

“So thank you Taggart.”


“I have been using the confidence download about 6 days a week. I have had a lifetime of low self esteem, not feeling value and unworthy being me.

My emotions have over the time become more balanced. What I mean is that I feel happier, not fight so much with my feelings about my self worth. This has been such a big boost to my every day dealings with people around me as well as myself.

The difference in my confidence built up over the month listening as much as possible to the MP3 has been such a great help to the way I have started to feel about myself. This has been building more and more so that when I feel the need to speak up in all kinds of situations, I have had felt much more comfortable doing so.

“I know I still have a way to go to make this me now but, its growing beautifully and I will continue using the MP3.”