The “Commit To Change” Programme

This is how the programme works.

We work together over a period of a couple months, or less if that’s all that is needed, during which we would typically meet a couple of times per month, although more often in the first month, so you could begin to see shifts quickly.

I will send you a bespoke mp3 recording  to listen to every day, and perhaps some videos showing potent techniques that you can use to reinforce the changes you are making at a deep level, as you grow into your new confidence.

Occasionally we all experience the odd wobble, and so, between sessions we can get on a quick 15 minute call if you need, to help get through the wobbles or answer any questions.

I am here to support you throughout.


Decide now to change things for the better

The fee for the “Commit To Change” Programme is £397.00 paid in advance. And there is also the possibility of spreading payments over two months.


Spreading your investment

If you wish, we can spread the fee for the “Commit To Change” Programme over two months, so you pay £199.00 now and then the same amount for a month later.


Further sessions

In the unlikely event that you might need additional sessions to resolve your problem, or if you decide to get together  with me every couple of months for regular ‘top ups’ or ‘adjustments’ then these are chargeable on a pay-as-you-go basis for £80 per session.