Read some comments from some of the lovely people I have worked with..


Anxiety and stuckness

“I have been to see Taggart recently suffering from anxiety and not being able to “move on”. I have only had two sessions with Taggart and the results have been amazing. I was more than surprised that after just two sessions I am feeling a whole lot better about life in general and feel I can start enjoying life again. I have joined several local activities, yoga, meditation and Tai Chi – something I wouldn’t have given thought about a couple of weeks ago. Taggart is easy to work with, he has a relaxing approach to his clients and takes time to listen. I can wholeheartedly recommend and can only say if you have any doubts or hesitations, give it a try!”

– Jean

Low self esteem

“When I decided to consult Taggart I was in a pretty dark place. I felt inferior to most people around me, and had a very low opinion of myself. It was very difficult for me to talk to people as I felt myself to be on a less than equal footing. I could not trust myself so I certainly could not trust anyone else. Additionally I felt I could do nothing right, which meant nothing was usually what I did. Consequently my life was very limited. After an initial Breakthrough session with Taggart, we worked online. He also created a tailored MP3 for me to listen to between sessions. Via these we were able to get to the root cause of my issues and break the chains which had led to the situation I found myself in. Since, I have found that I can converse naturally and confidently with people I meet in a way that I never could despite how many “How to talk to Anyone” – style books I read. I’m finding that I can trust myself to respond spontaneously rather than being paralysed by fear of saying/doing the wrong thing. I can thoroughly recommend working with Taggart for whatever problem you have. You have nothing to lose and you may find that the World opens up for you how it has for me! Thanks once again for all your help Taggart.”

– Julie

Feeling unloved and unworthy of love

“I have been working with Taggart using Cognitive Hypnotherapy for a few weeks and I am thrilled at the results. During my first session we talked about my issues and concerns and Taggart put together an MP3 made just for me, and he very cleverly used some of the positive aspects of our initial conversation. Taggart tapped into my subconscious by way of me relaxing and closing my eyes, by asking a series of questions Taggart got to the root of my issues and helped me change the feelings around these issues, changing how I felt about them, this in turn made a significant change to how I view myself and my loved ones.”

– Linda

Long-term Stress

“I went to Taggart after 7 years of anguish, hurt and stress of coping with my step family! I was in a very dark place and very depressed. Taggart was able to help me realised the problems and suggested various techniques to help with my depressive state! I was so much better after the sessions. I genuinely felt a huge weight was lifted off my chest. I was beginning to feel my old self coming back ie bubbly, positive and jovial! I will continue to use the techniques as they are life saving! Thank you!”

– Lin


“What an experience! I went to Taggart after months of insomnia, and we worked on targeting the factors that were contributing to my inability to sleep. There were no swinging watches, no counting down from 10 to get me to my happy place – just an amazingly effective conversation between Taggart and my subconscious that required me only to shut my eyes and let the responses come instinctively. The whole experience was completely fascinating, done in an environment of safety, support, warmth and understanding. From having only two hours’ sleep most nights, I now have a comfortable six or seven hours, which has brought enormous benefits. I’m also experiencing a new calmness during the day, and a marked openness to accept, try and enjoy new things in life – all a testimony to Taggart’s unique skills.”

– Sarah


I have had hypnotherapy sessions with Taggart over the last couple of months, and it has been a life changing experience. For the better I might add! I had some personal issues which I needed help with, and I found it comfortable to discuss them openly with Taggart. He is so easy to talk to, and completely non judgemental. I noticed improvements after the first session, and these were further developed over subsequent sessions. My Tinnitus has practically gone from my left ear, and the volume has reduced by at least 25% from the right! The pitch seems lower too. And I can now hear my clock ticking. I can thoroughly recommend hypnotherapy with Taggart. I am so pleased with my new outlook on life!

– Steve

Work related stress

“I contacted Taggart for help with work-related stress, which was affecting my work and also spilling over into my private life. After the sessions with Taggart I am less affected by the stress at work, and can get these things out of my head and switch back to more positive thoughts more easily than before. I am also tending to be more aware that I have choices in how to respond to a situation, and I take more time to think about that before I react.

The sessions also helped me to gain insight into some of the factors behind my stress, and the old “programs” that my subconscious was still running.

I live in another country, so we held our sessions online. This worked very well, and was little different from being in a face-to-face session.”

– Iain