What we can work on together

Help over Zoom for Anxiety, Confidence, Weight Loss and moreā€¦

I’ll talk in a bit more detail below, but I want to do a couple of things first.

Firstly, if you’re not sure whether I would be able to help you, just get in touch with me now and we can talk it though.

Secondly, here are the general, broad ‘categories’ or problems that a QCH Practitioner would be able to help you with:

  • Weight loss, or issues relating to food
  • Stress and anxiety, phobias, fears and panic attacks
  • Unwanted habits, compulsions and addictions
  • Self-confidence and low self-esteem, impostor syndrome
  • Powerful or blocked emotions
  • Stuckness

Basically, if you are frustrated and unfulfilled, if there are things that you would like to do in your life but you “just can’t” because there is a part of you that is holding you back, if the you that you hoped you would be is very different from the you who you seem to be at the moment, then QCH can help.

Phobias, Fears, Panic attacks, Anxiety and Stress

Our bodies have evolved to respond to threats by getting ready to run or fight (or freeze): our heart rate and blood pressure go up, blood is taken away from our digestive system and sent to our muscles, and our immune system is damped down. This is ideal for dealing with a sabre-toothed tiger, but not so helpful when we are reacting to a small spider, the thought of flying in an aeroplane, having an an injection or visiting the Dentist. And even if we don’t have an actual phobia, many of us can be debilitated by ongoing fears, anxieties or feelings of panic, for example when having to sit an exam, attend an interview, make a cold call, meet new people or stand up and give a presentation or a talk. Cognitive Hypnotherapy is ideally suited for resolving all these things, so that you only react to a sabre-toothed tiger when you actually meet one!

Habits, Addictions and Compulsions, including Overeating

These problems can arise because a part of you guiding your behaviour in a way that is not helpful or useful to you. There are reasons why we overeat or smoke, unable to stop ourselves, why we binge on food or alcohol, why we bite our nails or go through endless rituals to make ourselves feel safe or in control. Our unconscious mind is generating this behaviour because it believes that it is doing the best for us, but it has made a mistake, or a miscalculation, somewhere along the line. Cognitive Hypnotherapy helps us to find the unconscious beliefs and misunderstandings that are causing the problem, and removes them.

Self Confidence and Low Self Esteem issues

The way that we feel about ourselves deep down, whether we love or loathe ourselves, has many far-reaching consequences for the way that we live our lives. Our beliefs about our worth as a person control what we believe we are capable of, what we think we deserve and how we relate to other people. Issues of identity – self-love or self-loathing – underpin many people’s problems, particularly low self-confidence, low self-esteem, unfulfilled potential and lack of motivation. Cogitive Hypnotherapy helps us to unravel the misguided thought processes that can lead us to undervalue ourselves, and puts us back on track for personal fulfilment.

Powerful or Blocked Emotions

Sometimes we can seem to be taken over by strong emotions, feelings that overpower us and which we can’t control. Strong emotions can make us behave in ways that we would never choose with our rational minds: they can make us ‘stupid’, leading us to repeat unhelpful or damaging behaviour, doing things that are no good for us or the people around us. Equally, sometimes we can hold onto emotions, powerful feelings that we need to release to be free of them, but for some reason we just can’t. They build up inside, eating away at us. Cognitive Hypnotherapy will seek out the deep-seated blocks or beliefs that can drive such problems, so you can be free, neither held hostage by or unable to express emotion, just able to express your emotions normally and healthily.

Health issues

Hypnotherapy has a long history of use in Pain Control, and many thousands of surgical operations have been carried out on fully conscious patients, hypnotised to feel no pain. We can use similar approaches to help deal with ongoing painful conditions like back pain and arthritis. Hypnotherapy has recently been shown to be particularly effective in dealing with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and there there are many anecdotes about the successful use of Hypnotherapy to help with a whole range of medical conditions.

Personal Development

This area is a bit more difficult to describe, but as individuals we all have the potential to do more, to be more, to achieve more in our lives than we are currently demonstrating. We can become more motivated to achieve our goals, whether that means working towards an examination or building our business or our career or our relationships. We can resolve unhelpful emotions and inner conflicts that may be holding us back in some way, removing the ‘blocks’ that are hindering our relationships and our enjoyment of life.

If you ever see someone else doing something and you say to yourself, “I would love to be able to do that, but I just can’t”, then there is a part of you that is doing its best to protect you in some way, but somewhere along the line that part of you has misunderstood, or is working in the wrong contexts now. We can tease out what’s going on and help you to move on.