Working via Zoom: the benefits

There are a number of reasons why working over Zoom is a lovely way to work, and you will be surprised by how much you can feel at ease and ‘connected’ to the person you are talking to, quite an intimate experience in many ways.


Working with me online is just as effective as being face-to-face in the room.  All you need is:

  • a private space and a reliable broadband connection
  • a laptop or desktop computer, or a tablet
  • a reasonably comfortable chair
  • and be able to see each other

Ideally you would be using headphones or earbuds to make sure that you can hear me clearly and consistently.


The benefits of working this way

There are in fact many practical reasons why Zoom is the ideal way to work, for example…

Accessibility: Zoom sessions allow clients to access therapy from any location, eliminating geographical barriers. This is particularly beneficial for those living in remote areas or who find it difficult or inconvenient to travel. We can work together wherever you are in the world.

Convenience: Clients can schedule and attend sessions from the comfort of their own home or any private space, saving time and the hassle associated with commuting, running late potentially, trying to find somewhere to park, dealing with bad weather, and so on.

Comfort: Being in a familiar and comfortable environment can help you to feel more at ease, potentially leading to more effective sessions because you can relax and open up more readily.

Flexibility: Zoom sessions can be more easily scheduled around your personal and professional commitments, and that offers greater flexibility than would be possible with traditional office hours.

Privacy: For clients concerned about privacy, online sessions eliminate the possibility of being seen in a therapist’s office, providing an extra layer of anonymity.

Reduced Costs: You will save on travel and related expenses, making the work we do together more affordable and accessible, and the sessions themselves will be less expensive than they would have to be were the therapist working from a rented space.

Safety: Virtual sessions remove any physical health risks, such as exposure to illnesses, which is particularly relevant during times of health crises like the COVID-19 pandemic.

Consistency: Even when you might be travelling or after you have moved to a different area, we can continue the work we are doing together without interruption, which is important to build your personal momentum.